About Us

Groove Platforms

A technology company based in Lagos, Nigeria with focus on closing existing service and value gaps in the African Entertainment Industry.

Founded in 2016, we are passionately driven by technology and innovation. We continuously aim to improve on our expertise and impact whilst exploring viable industries for value creation.

Our team of experienced researchers and technology experts are actively engaged in solving transformative problems in the African entertainment industry. We are working on a wide range of areas including but not limited to Music and Gaming


Groove’s flagship product, uduX is Nigeria’s first indigenous subscription-based music store and streaming service, leveraging its potential African reach and the growing adoption of digital services by the continent’s consumers. It combines high-quality audio and high-definition music videos with unrivalled exclusive content curated by music professionals for optimal user experience.


To be a global authority on entertainment whilst giving everyone the opportunity to access it instantly, without barriers.


To lead a new and viable path for the production, distribution and consumption of entertainment within and out of Africa.


// Creativity - We will adventurously throw everything to the wall and see what sticks and in all these, continue to learn and improve on our processes, products and services.

// Passion - The fuel we need for the long haul.

// Selflessness – It is not just about us at Groove Platforms –we will focus on the bigger picture – African artists, talents and entertainers.

// Honesty - Honor, integrity and trust are our watchwords and will guide all relationships.

// Reliability – If we say we are here for you? Best believe it. 110%.